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Block Scheduling Year Round Education


Internet Sites:

• It’s About Time (and Sleep): Making the Case for Starting School Later
Administrators who have heeded the research and pushed back their starting times report fewer discipline problems and less tardiness, better attendance, and happier and more alert students. Included: Tips for changing your high school’s start time.

• Scheduling Resources
A collection of resources to help familiarize you with the various scheduling options that exist, as well as highlight some of the pros and cons of these schedules.

• Scheduling Alternatives: Options for Student Success
From the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory’s quarterly booklet series, “By Request” (February 1997). Includes an overview of block scheduling, four-day school weeks, year round education, and more.

• School Start Time Study (August 2001)
This executive summary includes data about student grades and attendance to examine the long term effects of a later start time on high school students.

• National Middle School Association Summary #2 – Flexible Scheduling
Includes articles and references related to flexible scheduling.

• School Administrator – It’s About Time (March 1999)
This edition of School Administrator focuses on school scheduling issues.