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Internet Sites:

• Using Time Well: Schedules in Essential Schools
Horace, Volume 12, Number 2, November, 1995
This article includes a discussion of the issues surrounding successful implementation of block scheduling and an outline of various block scheduling models, as well as a bibliography of further reading.

• Block Scheduling
From the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement, University of Minnesota. A comprehensive list of resources including sample schedules, list of schools using block scheduling, bibliography, research, much more.

• Education Policy Analysis Archives – Effects on Students of a 4 X 4 Junior High School Block Scheduling Program
“The effects of a 4 X 4 block scheduling program in a middle school on a variety of student measures were investigated.” From the 1999 Volume 7
Number 3 Issue.

• The Case Against Block Scheduling
Jeff Lindsay, Curator
Links to articles and other resources that discuss the disadvantages of block scheduling.

• ERIC Digest — Block Scheduling (1996)

Online Communities:

• BlockList
K-12 Block Scheduling Discussion List.
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