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Internet Sites:

• Prisoners Of Time (1994)
A report of the National Education Commission on Time and Learning.

• Alternative Calendars: Extended Learning and Year-Round Programs
Resources on year-round education from the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement at the University of Minnesota.

• Year-Round Education
Provides a review of the literature from the past three decades. Addresses advantages and disadvantages of alternative calendars.

• Is Year-Round Schooling the Answer?
by Gloria Chaika
An article from Education World with viewpoints from administrators, teachers, and researchers.

• Do year-round schools improve student learning?
An annotated bibliography and synthesis of the research from May 1995.

• ERIC Digest – Teaching in Year-Round Schools (2000)

• ERIC Digest – Year-Round Education: A Strategy for Overcrowded Schools (1994)

• ERIC Digest – Year-Round Education (1992)


• The National Association for Year-Round Education
The National Association for Year-Round Education (NAYRE) serves as a clearinghouse for information on year-round education and the broader subject of time and learning. Year-round education reorganizes the traditional 9-month school calendar to shorten the 3-month summer vacation and allow for shorter breaks throughout the year. This pattern more closely reflects the way in which students actually learn and reduces the occurrence of summer learning loss. NAYRE’s website contains year round statistics, research abstracts, calendars, terminology, history of the issue, more.
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