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Internet Sites:

• Friendship Through Education
“Committed to creating opportunities that facilitate online and offline interactions between the youth of the world, inside and outside of classrooms, in order to build a culture of peace in which the dignity and rights of all human beings are respected.”

• ePALS Classroom Exchange
Helps classrooms to meet, correspond and interact with other classrooms through the Internet. Users can freely search, browse and contact classrooms listed in the growing online database. In addition, users can add or submit a profile of their own classroom to ECE. Profiles include a description of the classroom’s interests, geographical location, grade, language, student age group, home page URL (if available), and an email contact address for obtaining further information. Great for cultural, language, history, science or geography projects.

• Mighty Media Keypals Club
A place for young people, teachers and students to locate and correspond with other youth and students around the world. The service provides an incredibly easy-to-use interface and database to quickly locate and contact a student or a class from around the world. Start a project with another class, or just create a new friendship with someone on the other side of the globe.

• Kidlink
A non-profit grassroots organization aimed at getting as many youth through the age 15 as possible involved in a global dialog. The work is supported by 50 public mailing lists for conferencing, a private network for Real-Time Interactions (like chats), an online art exhibition site, and volunteers living throughout the world. Most volunteers are teachers and parents.

• Electronic Emissary
A “matching service” that helps teachers with access to the Internet locate other Internet account-holders who are experts in different disciplines, for purposes of setting up curriculum-based, electronic exchanges among the teachers, their students, and the experts.

Online Communities:

• Pen Pal SwitchBoard at Teachers.net
“A project development and teacher networking center for teachers around the globe. Join our on-going discussion with teachers involved in pen pal programs.”

Intercultural Email Classroom Connections intended for teachers seeking partner classrooms for international and cross-cultural electronic mail exchanges. This list is •not• for discussion or for people seeking individual penpals.
To subscribe, address an e-mail message in the following manner:
To: iecc-request@stolaf.edu

IECC Project Announcements is an electronic mailing list where people may announce or request help with specific projects that involve email, internationally or cross-culturally.
To subscribe, address an e-mail message in the following manner:
To: iecc-projects-request@stolaf.edu

IECC-DISCUSSION is intended for general discussion about questions, issues, observations, etc. in the Intercultural Email Classroom Connections.
To subscribe, address an e-mail message in the following manner:
To: iecc-discussion-request@stolaf.edu

Mailing list intended for teachers seeking partner teachers in institutions of Higher Education for international classroom electronic mail exchanges.
To subscribe, address an e-mail message in the following manner:
To: iecc-he-request@stolaf.edu