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Computer-based Technology and Learning: Evolving Uses and Expectations
This report by Gilbert Valdez, et. al.,at the North Central Regional Edcuational Laboratory, examines the use of computers in the K-12 classroom throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, following their evolving use.

• Computers and language learning: An overview
Discussion of the history of the use of computers in language instruction. The first section discusses the history of the computer’s use in language learning.

• Computers in Education: A Brief History
Article from June 1997 Issue of T.H.E. Journal

History of Distance Education
Bizhan Nasseh, Ball State University, looks at the role of technology in the evolution of distance education.

• The Invisible People: Educational Technologists–Do We Exist?
A paper by Dean Caplan, then graduate student of Educational Communication and Technology at the University of Saskatchewan, writes briefly about the driving forces and practical needs behind the development and use of educational technology.

• Overview of computers in the learning process
An outline of Heinich, Molenda, Russell, & Smaldino: Instructional Media and Technologies for Learning, 6th ed. Columbus, OH: Merrill, 1999 Chapter 8: Computers

• Overview of progress in utilization of educational technology for educating the hearing impaired
Originally presented by George Propp at the 1978 Symposium on Research and Utilization of Educational Media for Teaching the Deaf, this paper overviews impacts of closed captioning and amplifiers, as well as some of the early legislation requiring the use of these technologies.

Research on Computers and Education: Past, Present and Future
Report prepared for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in February 2000 by Jeffery T. Fouts, Professor of Education at Seattle Pacific University. Though the report covers many areas in addition to the history of computers in education, this a good snap shot of the evolution of computers and their place in the learning process. Opens directly to a PDF document.

Slates, Sliderules, and Software: Teaching Math in America
An online exhibition sponsored by the National Museum of American History (a Smithsonian institution) that traces the use of education technologies used in the teaching of mathematics. Scope extends from the Early Republic to the current Information Age.