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Internet Sites:

• Tips for Developing School Web Pages
Find tips for developing your own content-rich, visually attractive webpage. Topics include copyright issues, tips to help you determine what kind of webpage you want to design, six easy steps to follow, how to evaluate your web page, and how to announce your project to the world.

• Family Education Network’s webCreate
Available to members of the Family Education Network to create web pages for their schools.  There are three versions of webCreate:  School webCreate: Administrators; Class webCreate: Educators; and Community webCreate: Members of community organizations.

• Building a School Web Site
“A learn-as-you-go, hands-on project that teachers and kids can do together.”

• Web Developer’s Virtual Library
Includes a Webmaster’s Encyclopedia with over 500 pages and thousands of easy-to-understand references.

• Teachers.Net Homepage Maker
This site serves as a web page generator.

• Writing HTML: A Tutorial For Creating Web Pages
Designed for teachers but appropriate for anyone

• Keeping it Legal: Questions arising out of Web site management
by Jamie McKenzie
In From Now On, Vol. 5, No. 7, June 1996
Discussion of copyright issues as they relate to web sites.

• ERIC Digest – XML: A Language To Manage the World Wide Web (1999)

• ERIC Digest – Accessible Web Design (1999)

Online Communities:

General discussion of Extensible Markup Language. Appropriate for novices.
To subscribe, address an e-mail message to: listserv@listserv.hea.ie
In the message body type:  subscribe XML-L Your First and Last Name

• Web Authors Chatboard at Teachers.net
“This forum is dedicated to discussions of issues related to development and administration of websites and Internet resources by teachers and/or for educational purposes.”