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Lesson Plan #: AELP-TSP0002
Submitted by: Michael L. Thompson (Gray Elementary) Gray, GA Date: 1994

Grade Level(s): 4, 5


  • Physical Education/Team Sports


  • 1 Fluff (yarn) ball
  • 1 basketball
  • 1 home base
  • 1 basketball goal

Divide the class into two teams with as even number of girls and boys. Starting with the girls give each one a number on both sides. You may want to tell them to look at their partner to be sure they will be with the correct person for each aspect of the game. The boys will also have a number. If one group (girls or boys) has one less on that team give the last person the next number. Have the team A girls play against the team B girls and do the same for the boys.

Have team B girls go onto the court and spread out behind a boundary line. They cannot cross this line until their partner from team A throws the fluff ball into the outfield. Have a spot approximately 15 feet in front of the goal to designate as home base to throw from. Player number 1 throws the ball into the outfield then takes the basketball that is placed beside the goal and tries to make as many baskets as possible until the whistle sounds. While this is going on the partner with that same number runs to the home base and waits for the teammates to throw the ball to them and then touches the base and the whistle will sound to stop play. The number of baskets made count as points for the team shooting.

When the girls finish, team B boys will go onto the court and go against the team A boys. After all of team A shoots then the two sides switch and the team B girls throw and shoot followed by the team B boys. From personal experience with a class size of 45-50 students this game needs a minimum of 20 minutes. This includes the dividing of the teams and giving numbers. Also, if someone other than the partner from team B plays against the team A player who is throwing and shooting.

Assessment: The teacher can stop play for that game and award a few extra points to team A as a penalty to team B for not playing in the correct order.