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Lesson Plan #: AELP-SRF0006
Submitted by: Linda Goins
Email: john_linda@hotmail.com
School/University/Affiliation: Ed White Elementary, El Lago, TX Date: December 1, 1999

Grade Level(s): 5


  • Physical education/Skill-Related Fitness

Duration: 60 minutes (block schedule) Description: Activities to help children with their dribbling skills.

Goals: Students will feel more comfortable with their dribbling.

Objectives: Students will practice dribbling


  • Basketballs
  • red & yellow pennies
  • cones

Procedure: Pre-preparation

Make sure you have enough basketballs for each student. (check inflation)

Warm-up and Introduction

1. Upon entering the gym, each student obtains a basketball and begins to dribble around the perimeter of the gym.

2. On the signal, students place ball at their feet.

3. Review dribbling techniques, i.e. ball low, eyes up, finger tip control

4. Have students line up at one end of the gym and follow the teacher’s lead.

5. Teacher leads students forward, backward, right , and left. This will encourage students to keep their eyes up and not to watch the ball.

6. Have students go to their squads with their balls for stretches and strengthening exercises.

a. Using the ball, teacher leads the class in various stretches.

b. Have the students lay on their backs, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Rest the ball on tummy, raise shoulders, and reach with the ball to just past the knees. Repeat 10 times.

c. Have students get in push up position with the ball placed under their chest. Lower until chest touches the ball. Repeat 10 times.

d. Repeat b&c for a second set.

Main Activity #1-DRIBBLE MANIA

1. Cone off a large square area in the center of gym.

2. Explain that everyone must dribble their ball and remain inside the coned area.

3. Object is to knock away other students’ basketballs while keeping their own ball dribbling. If a student’s ball is knocked out of the square, they must leave the square and dribble around the gym until the game is over.

4. Start new game every 3 minutes and declare those that are left as the dribble maniacs.

5. Play 3 times.


1. Divide class into 2 teams and place them on either side of the gym. The students line up girl-boy-girl-boy, etc.

2. Each team receives a colored penny (the ketchup & mustard teams).

3. The first 5 players of each team come onto the court. Starting with a toss up, the students begin playing basketball.

4. When a team scores, all 5 run to the front of their line and touch a cone. When all 5 players have touched the cone, the next 5 enter the game.

6. As each team scores, their 5 players come off the court and the next 5 enter. If a team fails to score in a minute’s time, the teacher will rotate the next 5 in.

7. Out of bounds ball are thrown in by the sidelines. There are no free throws. All penalties will be throw-ins.

Closing Activity:

1. Have students sit in their squads and stretch their legs while listening.

2. Ask students about the importance of dribbling the basketball low and keeping their eyes up.

3. Tell students what a great job they did and have them line up for their classroom teachers.

Assessment: To enhance fine and gross motor skills.