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Lesson Plan #: AELP-MMS0004
Submitted by: Joanne House
Email: jdhouse@ldd.net
School/University/Affiliation: SEMO
Date: December 15, 1998

Grade Level(s): Kindergarten, 1, 2


  • Physical education/Motor/movement skills

Duration: 30 minutes.

Description: Students will use a bed sheet and word cards to reinforce reading and identify words by performing appropriate actions for those words.

Goals: The ability to read and identify words and relate them with appropriate actions.

Objectives: The ability to identify words, relate with appropriate actions, cooperate, and follow directions.

Materials: sheet, cards with action words such as up, down, etc on them

Procedure: Students stand around a sheet, holding it with both hands. One of them holds up a word card. The students will read the word aloud and perform the action. For example, if the word is under, the students will hold up the sheet and step under it. They should be able to explain why they did that particular action. A variation of the game would be to have a particular student read the word and perform the action. In this case, the child could run under the sheet.

Assessment: Children really like this game. It is a good game to play in the gym on rainy days. The words could be changed to modify the game.