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Lesson Plan #: AELP-GAM0208
Submitted by: Michael J. Robinson
Email: mjrobinson@computan.com
School/University/Affiliation: Saint Michael High School
Date: November 18, 2003

Grade Level: 11, 12


  • Physical education

Duration: No time limit

Description: Practice table tennis skills using two tables side by side with modified hitting rotation.


  • To reinforce skills necessary to control spin.
  • To recognize the spin on a receiving ball and to counteract that spin.
  • Objectives:

  • To compete as a doubles team.
  • To use proper service rotation for doubles play.
  • Teacher Materials: Table tennis tables, table tennis paddles, and a ball.

    Student Materials: None specified.

    Procedure: Players set up as a doubles team. The two tables are pushed together. One player for each team is positioned behind one of the tables. The server puts the ball in play cross-court using proper service motion. The receiver may return the ball to either opponent. There is no rotation to alternate hits with their partners due to the width of the playing surface (twice as wide as a normal table). New rule for serving whereby only two serves are attempted by each player. Games up to 11 instead of 21. If tied at 10 all (deuce) each team will serve once then alternate to the other team until one of the two teams has won two points in a row.

    Assessment: Students must know how to keep score. Observe students during play for proper service motion. Observe student’s skills and strategies during doubles play.

    Special Comments: An alternative to playing regular games of table tennis. Students find it challenging to cover more area. Students do not feel as restricted due to the extra width of the playing surface.