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Lesson Plan #: AELP-GAM000
Submitted by: Kimberly Weinreich
Endorsed by: Don Descy
Mankato State University Date:February 28, 1998

Grade Level(s): 2


  • Physical Education/Games (educational)

Description: This is elementary physical education lesson on parachutes.  We all enjoy playing with the parachute, well this is a lesson with a few fun activities to use with your class.  I used this in a class, and the children loved it.


To have the students learn control, and to associate them with the parachute.


1.  The students will control the parachutes using arm movements.
2.  The students will follow directions while participating in games.

Background information for teacher:

This is an exciting activity for the students.  One thing that I noticed when teaching this lesson, is safety needs to be addressed.  Some of the activities can cause a bump on the head.

Concepts covered in the lesson:

One big concept that I cover is control.  The students need to have control with the parachute, otherwise the activities do not work.  Along with the students learning control, they will learn to work together to accomplish a goal.


Some sort of object (eraser, frisbee)
Balls of all sizes


1.  Warm up

Arm circles 10 left (front) (back)
10 right (front) (back)
10 both arms (front) (back)
Jumping jacks 2 sets of 10

Run around the gym (pick an animal, move as fast and slow as you can.)

2.  Lesson focus: control

a.  Take the parachute and practice going up and down.  Slow arm movements, moving around in a circle.
b.  Place balls on the parachute (different sizes) try to keep all the balls on.

3.  Game to play: Steal the Bacon

a.  Give each student a number, then line up around the parachute.
b.  Object is to try to get the bacon from under the parachute without getting caught.
c.  The caller calls out a number, if the students number is called they run under the parachute and try to grab the object. They need to try to get out from the parachute before it comes down.
d.  If you get caught you become the caller.

4.  Another game: Shark and Lifeguard

a.  2 students are the lifeguards, and 1 student starts out as the shark.  All the rest of the students sit with their legs under the
b.  The shark tries to pull the students under the parachute.
c.  Lifeguards try to save the people being pulled under.
d.  Object is to get all the students to be sharks.

5.  Closing Activity:  Popcorn

a.  Try to keep all the balls on the parachute, but getting them as high as possible.
b.  Try to get all the balls off the parachute.


There is no written test to see if the students mastered the objectives. What you need to observe is did they work together on the last activity to keep the balls all on the parachute. That also takes control from every member of the team. I hope you children have fun with this activity, because I had fun teaching it.