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Lesson Plan #: AELP-GAM0003
Date: 1994

Grade Level(s): Kindergarten, 1,2,3,4,5


  • Physical Education/Games (educational)

Objective: Students will be introduced to games that date back to pioneer children and will improve certain skills.


Small stones, wooden bowls, plum pits, twigs (12 for each child), markers. Various game equipment.


Game #1

  • Student stands behind a line.
  • Each student hops, landing on one foot, balances, then takes a big step forward with the other foot.
  • Then the student brings up the back foot and jumps with both feet together.
  • Mark landing spot with a marker for identification.
  • *These games were taken from a pioneer workshop by Judy Cole and Mary Minturn.

    Game #2

  • Students need 6 plum pits, small wooden bowl. Make a line on one side of each pit with marker. Place pits in bowl.
  • Students take turns, lightly tossing the pits, catching them again in bowl.
  • Count the number of pits with the line up. This is your score.
  • Each student keeps track of his score with twigs.
  • Variations and Extensions:

  • Through discussion, compare some of the time-tested games that have never grown old: Tag, jump rope and rhymes, ball games, marbles, Cat’s Cradle, blowing bubbles. SOURCES AND RESOURCES:

    Brock, Ray; Go Fly A Kite, Freeport, Maine: Bookstore Press 1976.

    Strobell, Adah Parker; Like It Was: Bicentennial Games ‘n Fun Handbook, Washington, DC: Acropolis Books 1975.

  • In small groups, students will select items from a pile of materials (i.e. stones, sticks, spools, etc.) and invent a game. They will set up rules, play it with the other groups, and evaluate the results.

  • This lesson plan was downloaded from Big Sky Telegraph.