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1. Use the pull-down menus to choose whether to require your search terms, search only certain fields, or search by word or phrase. See below for a detailed explanation of the pull-down menu options.

2. In the text box, enter words or phrases that describe what you are seeking.

3. If you wish, select all grade and/or educational levels that apply.

Then click Search!

How do I ... by lesson plan title? Type the lesson title into the text box. Change the middle pull-down menu to Phrase. Change the last pull-down menu to Title. Then click Search. by lesson plan author? Type the author's name into the text box, e.g., Mary Smith. Change the middle pull-down menu to Phrase. Then click Search. by lesson plan code? Type the lesson code into the text box and click Search. (Lesson codes are located at the top of each lesson plan. In most instances, a lesson code begins with 3 letters and ends with 4 numbers, such as WRH0206)

Definitions of pull-down menus and searching options

Action: Search in: Search terms:

must contain

All Fields


should contain

By Title


By Description

By Category

Using the search options

Action Function

must contain

Indicates that search terms must appear in the results.

should contain

Indicates that search terms should appear in the results, though they are not required.


All Fields

Searches for the term anywhere in the page.

By Title

Searches for the term in the title only.

By Description

Searches for the term in the narrative description.

By Category

Searches for the term in the Category
(Browse an alphabetical list of Categories.)

Search term formats

the phrase

A phrase is a string of words that must appear next to each other in order to have a certain meaning.

Example: United States government

In order to have United States government returned in the search results, phrase must be selected. Otherwise, the search engine will treat these as three individual words, and the search results will contain United States government as well as any or all of the words united, states, and government, though not in any particular order.

the word(s)

Searches for your search term(s) as separate words in the body of the text. For example, if you typed in rocks minerals with the word(s) selected, you would receive pages containing the word rocks or the word minerals.

For more in-depth searching assistance along with a description of advanced search features, please visit our searching help reference pages: More Search Help

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Last Modified: 12/11/03