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Selection Criteria:
Curriculum Materials

Below are the general criteria used for selecting curriculum materials for the Lesson Plan Collection. As a member of the GEM Consortium, we also use GEM's Guidelines for Resource Evaluation when selecting lesson plans.

Please note that good materials will encompass most of these factors; average materials will encompass many; poor will encompass none.


  • Presence of required elements including the following: Author's Name & E-mail Address, Title, Brief Description, Subject(s), Grade Level(s), Goals, Objectives, Procedure, and Assessment

  • Ease of use

Educational Objectives

  • Clarity of instructional goals, including both affective and cognitive objectives, whenever appropriate

  • Grade level appropriateness


  • Complete information included without major omissions

  • Inclusion of sound and substantial information

  • Appropriate use of spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • Logical development of ideas

  • Clarity of directions

Teaching Strategies

  • Appropriate for target group

  • Clarity of methodology

  • Explicit identification of concepts

  • Reflection of a variety of teaching/learning modes


  • Logical relationship among basic objectives and activities

  • Appropriateness and relevance of a variety of activities to pupils' experiences, interests, levels of comprehension, and grade level

Stereotyping, Bias, and Social Inequity (selection should be sensitive to extremes)

  • Whenever possible, avoidance of statements of bias and stereotyping concerning women and ethnic groups

  • Promotion of mutual understanding and respect between races and ethnic groups

  • Fair treatment of people as individuals

Suitability of Materials for Learners

  • Relationship of content to pupils' experiences, interest levels, levels of comprehension, age, and maturation level

  • Suitability of vocabulary and concept level to the age group that will use the materials


  • Self-contained independent materials

  • Inclusion of hand-outs or worksheets if applicable

  • Bibliographic citations for resource materials

Source:  ERIC Processing Manual: Rules and Guidelines for the Acquisition, Selection, and Technical processing of Documents and Journal Articles by the Various Components of the ERIC Network. Section III: Selection. (August 1991), p.III29-III30

Updated 12/11/03