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Internet Sites:

• Write a Lesson Plan Guide
by Manal El-Tigi, Ph.D., Department of Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation – Syracuse University.

• NCRTEC Lesson Planner
“This Web site is intended to help teachers write focused lesson plans. The Planner addresses essential questions that are often overlooked when planning curriculum units. Teachers bring their own content and are guided through each section by answering specific questions.”

• Integrating the Internet Into the Curriculum – Lesson Plan Template
A format for planning web-based instruction which includes links to resources on the instructional theories used.

• STEPS Tutorial Library
From the University of West Florida’s College of Education; provides information, resources, and training for developing lesson plans. Requires free registration.

• ADPRIMA – Lesson planning and lesson plans
Tips for writing effective lesson plans as well as links to web sites with ready-to-use lesson plans.

• Lesson Plan Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
by Dr. Robert Kizlik

• Unit Planning Checklist
Intended for elementary level English Language Arts, there are many general guidelines that would be useful to anyone reviewing a unit plan for quality and completeness.

• Unit Planner Process
A Process for Designing a Standards Based Thematic Unit
Developed by Waterford Schools, Waterford, Michigan