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International Teaching

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Internet Sites:

• The English Language Programs Division-United States Information Agency (USIA)
Information for U.S. teachers on opportunites and resources for teaching English abroad.

• WorldTeach
Places college graduates as volunteer teachers in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Namibia, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, and other countries for a one-year teaching commitment in secondary schools. Subjects taught include natural and social sciences, mathematics, art, home economics, and English as a foreign language. Applicants accepted from all majors. No prior language or teaching experience required. Housing and local salary provided. Limited financial aid available. Application deadlines vary according to country.

• Peace Corps
Over one-third of Peace Corps Volunteers are teachers in Africa, Asia , Latin America, Central Europe, and other parts of the world. Their subjects include math, science, English, vocational education, teacher training, special education, business education, physical education, art education, and educational testing. Peace Corps positions offer world-class language training as a part of the 8 to 12 week intensive training period, professional support in-country, and all expenses paid. Recent graduates, experienced and retired teachers are welcome.

• University of Northern Iowa Overseas Placement Service for Educators
Offering services since 1976, UNI Overseas Placement Service for Educators connects International K-12 schools with interested certified educators year round. Services offered include the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair, credential and referral services, and related publications.

• Best Bets for Teaching Abroad
From UC Irvine.  This page contains links to related web sites, as well as listings of some of the more well-known programs that exist.

• International Service and Travel Center
Information on working or studying abroad.

• ERIC Digest – Teaching English Abroad: An Introduction (1997)


• NAFSA/Association of International Educators
1307 New York Avenue, NW, Eighth Floor
Washington, DC 20005-4701
Tel: 202/737-3699
Fax: 202/737-3657
Email:  inbox@nafsa.org

• Friends of World Teaching
Maintains up-dated lists of more than1,000 English-speaking schools and colleges abroad that offer teaching and administrative positions to American and Canadian educators. State certification is not always necessary. There is a small fee for application information for the countries of your choice.  To obtain a free descriptive brochure, write to:
P.O. Box 1049
San Diego, CA 92112-1049
Tel: 800/503-7436 or 619/224-2365

• Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program
Provides opportunities to qualified teachers currently employed in schools, colleges, and universities to participate in a 1-year (sometimes 1-semester) direct exchange of positions with teachers from other countries during an academic year or to attend seminars abroad during the summer. 

• International Schools Services (ISS)
A private, non-profit organization founded in 1955 to serve American international schools overseas. The Princeton office of ISS is staffed by professionals experienced in the field of international education. ISS also employs teachers and administrators in the schools it operates worldwide. ISS services include establishing and operating international schools, recruiting and placing teachers and administrators, consulting, financial management, purchasing and shipping instructional materials, supplies, and equipment for schools, colleges, and universities, publishing, foundations management, and facility planning.
15 Roszel Road
P.O. Box 5910
Princeton, NJ 08543
Tel: 609/452-0990
E-mail: iss@iss.edu

• U.S. Department of Defense Teacher Recruitment
Information on opportunities for employment in elementary and secondary schools on United States military bases around the world and application forms are provided in annual editions of the booklet, Overseas Employment Opportunities for Educators, available from:
Department of Defense Dependents Schools
Recruitment Unit
4040 North Fairfax drive
Arlington, VA 22203-1634
Tel: 703/696-3067

• U.S. Department of State
Listings of private schools overseas with programs from preschool through secondary levels and names of school personnel to contact are available in the booklet, Overseas American-Sponsored Elementary Schools Assisted by the U.S. Department of State. Fact Sheets with details on the schools listed in the booklet are also available. Send requests to:
Office of Overseas Schools
Room 245 SA-29
U.S. Department of State
Washington, DC 20522-2902
Tel: 703/875-7800