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Internet Sites:

• A Consumer’s Guide to High School History Textbooks (February 2004)
“A summary review of 12 widely used U.S. and world history textbooks.” Produced by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation.

• Rip-off 101: How the Current Practices of the Publishing Industry Drive up the Cost of College Textbooks (January 2004)
This report from the California Student Public Interest Research Group “finds that textbook publishers engage in a number of market practices that drive up the price of textbooks for students.”

• Tips for Reading Textbooks
This article from cnn.com provides students with a few textbook suggestions.

• The Student Market Book Exchange
Allows students from every university in the U.S. to post information about a textbook they’d like to sell, and search for textbooks they’d like to buy.

• National Association of State Text Book Administrators (NASTA)
Provides contact information for the 22 state administrators, an adoption schedule, and biannual reports.

• Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research
Performs research on international textbooks to ensure objectivity and factual accuracy.


• Smithsonians International Book Project
International Book Project founded by Mrs J.F. Van Meter is an organization that can come to your assistance in redistributing books. The IBP,Inc began in the late 60s and a large number of students and teachers in many countries have received educational books through them. I am among the group of teachers who, while teaching in India and Africa, found the book assistance from IBP of great value to students faced with inadeqate library facilities in their schools.
International Book Project, Inc.
1440 Delaware Ave.
Lexington, KY 40505
Tel: 606/254-6771

• Project Hope’s International Textbook Distribution Program
Project HOPE
People-to-People Health Foundation
Millwood, VA 22646
Tel: 703/837-2100

• World Bank Volunteer Service Book Project (WBVS)
1818 H. St., NW (Rm NB-105)
Washington, DC 20433

• S.O.S. Help the Children of Africa
Progress Plaza
1501 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Tel: 215/236-7578