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Classroom Management

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Internet Sites:

• Managing Culturally Diverse Classrooms
“The researchers all seem to agree that in today’s diverse classrooms, teachers and administrators must take time to understand the differences among cultures, listen to students to gain an understanding of some of the root causes of perceived misbehavior, and ensure fairness and dignity among all students.”

• Class Meetings: A Democratic Approach to Classroom Management
Teacher Donna Styles established a format for class meetings that enabled her students to share their thoughts and solve classroom issues on their own. In Styles’s model, students take turns acting as a discussion leader, while the teacher promotes a respectful atmosphere and participates as a group member.

• Classroom Management
Includes resources for effective classroom management and discipline strategies.

• Works4Me Tips Library – Managing Your Classroom
Includes tips for attendance, behavior control, prevention, staying ahead, and inclusion.

• Discipline Help:  You Can Handle Them All
An index of solutions for handling 117 misbehaviors including a description of the behavior, its effects, and common mistakes that may perpetuate the problem.

• Teacher Talk – What is Your Classroom Management Profile?
These 12 questions are designed to help teachers determine if their classroom management style is authoritarian, authoritative. laissez-faire, or indifferent.

• Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline
From NWREL’s School Improvement Research Series

• Discipline and School Safety
A number of resources on discipline and school safety from the American Federation of Teachers.

• Do Seating Arrangements and Assignments = Classroom Management?
This article from Education World includes advice and opinions on classroom arrangements and seating assignments.

• Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques
This Education World article includes “twelve teacher-tested tips for behavior management.”

• ProTeacher – Classroom Management Resources

• Classroom Management Topics
Several online articles on behavior and discipline from teachnet.com.

• School Discipline and Classroom Management: A Bibliography
This bibliography covers the publications of authors of some of the major discipline programs.

• ERIC Digest — Working with Shy or Withdrawn Students (1996)

Online Communities:

• Classroom Management Chatboard at Teachers.net
This discussion board is for discussions related to classroom management.