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Internet Sites:

• Standards and Curriculum Frameworks for Business/Occupational Education
A collection of resources with information on national and state business/occupational education standards.

• Marketing Teacher
“The site is dedicated to marketing learners. Marketing Teacher achieves this with its free lessons and other resources.”

• How to Learn About an Industry or a Specific Company
Contains detailed information on conducting business research in libraries and on the internet.

• Researching Companies Online
This site offers a step-by-step, interactive tutorial on researching companies using a variety of free resources on the Internet. All sites described in the course offer free company and industry information. Also includes a tutorial on web search strategies.

• American Accounting Association
Includes sections on teaching, research, and practice. Also links to related sites.

• Business Education Resource Consortium
One of six statewide Tech Prep resource projects established by the California Department of Education. For a complete list of resources available at this site, click the Table of Contents button at the top of the page.

Discussion Groups:

Technologies in Business Education discussion.
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A Forum for Discussion of Business Education Teaching Practices.
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• businessteacher
Discussion forum for business educators at the middle school through college levels.  Teachers can share assignments, assessments, and other instructional materials
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• National Business Education Association
Many resources, including model business education standards.
1914 Association Drive
Reston, VA 22091
Phone: (703) 860-8300
E-mail: nsotack@nbea.org