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Internet Sites:

• Library of Congress

• National Archives and Records Administration
Historical documents, photographs, search interface for items in Still Picture, Motion Picture, Sound and Video Branches of NARA with ordering information; searchable database of National Archives information resources.

• Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection

• Rare Map Collection at the Hartgett Library

• Interactive Atlas of Culture and History
The site centers on over 50 maps dealing with the Antebellum US and Ancient and Early Medieval Europe. Most have been created with Shockwave, which allows users to follow Roman trade routes, the conquests of Philip and Alexander of Macedon, territorial expansion of the US to 1853, and the war with Mexico, among other things.

• Today-in-History page from Scope Systems
Lists celebrity birthdays and historical events for the current date. Also includes a link to two other sites that allow the user to choose any day or any month of any year.

• History Channel Today in History Page

• Those Were the Days, Today in History
Covers the current date and the next; lots of music and sports references


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