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Internet Sites:

• Human Genome Resources
From the National Center for Biotechnology Information.Established in 1988 as a national resource for molecular biology information, NCBI creates public databases, conducts research in computational biology, develops software tools for analyzing genome data, and disseminates biomedical information.

• Genetics Education Center
For educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project. Includes lesson plans, activities,

• Gene School 99
This award-winning student-created site offers a basic but thorough tour of genetics, from the Mendelian basics up through cloning and gene therapy.

• Genetic Science Learning Center
Includes areas for teachers, students & teens, and parents & families. Topics include basic genetics, genetic disorders, genetics in society, and genetic thematic units.

• MendelWeb
MendelWeb is an educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics,
introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the history and literature of science.

• The WWW Virtual Library: Drosophila

• FlyView – A Drosophila Image Database
This directory points to internet resources for research on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.

• National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

• The Interactive Fly: A Cyberspace Guide to Drosophila development
A guide to Drosophila genes and their roles in development