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Internet Sites:

• Education Center – The Plant Health Instructor
“The purpose of the APSnet Education Center is to provide a central site for the presentation of peer-reviewed instructional publications and resources for plant pathology and closely related disciplines. This site includes materials for students, instructors, and continuing education.” Provided by the American Phytopathological Society.

• NetFrog – the On-line Dissection
The content of this site is intended to provide a basic understanding and knowledge of frog anatomy and physiology and the dissection of a frog. The site provides images and video clips of an actual frog dissection.

• Access Excellence
Genentech, Inc.’s national program to put high school biology teachers in touch with their colleagues, scientists and critical sources of new scientific information. Includes a glossary, news, message boards, a collection of teacher-developed lesson plans for biology-related classroom activities, and more.

From the Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes.  This site contains a collection of classroom lessons in areas including: Nature of Science, Evolution, and Origin of Life. Each lesson contains a synopsis, concepts, materials, time, teaching strategy, procedures, and handouts.  Also includes articles and papers by ENSI participants and related links.

• Biology Lessons for Prospective and Practicing Teachers
Elementary-level lessons covering molecules, cells, and population biology. Each lesson illustrates an important idea and has student groups predict, answer questions, collect and interpret data, and reflect.

• Biology Online
This site includes a dictionary of biology, tutorials, and links to other online biology related resources.

• Cornell Theory Center Biology links
Links to biology resources for teachers and students in grades 9-12.

• Evolution: Teachers and Students
This web companion to the PBS series presents an array of resources for learning about and teaching evolution. Resources include an online course for teachers and online lessons for students.

• Cool Science for Curious Kids
Kids can explore biology with the following: Dive into a  miniature world — without a microscope; Butterflies don’t look like caterpillars. What’s the connection?; Why are snakes like lizards, and monkeys like moose?; Meet the dust — and other strange stuff — in your air.  Do we really breathe this?; and Eat roots?  Eat stems? NO WAY!!!  Leap into our plant-parts salad.

• Frank Potter’s Science Gems – Life Science I & II
Life Science list of biology-related links

• Cells Alive
Presents current scientific knowledge of cell biology and the body’s immune response to bacteria, parasites, viruses, and cancer in an understandable yet dynamic environment.

• The Dictionary of Cell Biology (Second edition)
Intended to provide quick access to easily-understood and cross-referenced definitions of terms frequently encountered in reading the modern biology literature.

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