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Internet Sites:

• APA Statements on the Profession: The Teaching of Philosophy
Addresses needs for creating high quality educational experiences in the teaching of philosophy.

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
A comprehensive dictionary of terms and names encountered in the study of philosophy. The entries are generally brief, but provide a recomending reading list for further study.

• Episteme Links
A collection of philosophy resources on the Internet.

• Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
This comprehensive site includes information on journals, philosophers, teaching materials, associations, quotations, and much more.

• Guidelines for Writing Philosophy Papers
A primer on writing a good philosophy paper from the Department of Philosophy at the California State University, Sacramento. Covers such area as “What is a philosophy paper” and the structure and mechanics of writing.

• Kids Philosophy Slam
“The Kids Philosophy Slam is much more than an academic competition, providing resources for teachers and students, internship opportunities for younger kids and volunteer & mentoring opportunities for high school students, college students, parents and teachers.”

• The NDOPA WebText
Companion Web page to the award-winning live philosophy talk show, No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed.

• Philosophy in Cyberspace
A large directory covering all areas of philosophy, including links to information about individual philosophers, branches of philosophy, journals in philosophy, and philosophy departments around the world.

• Philosophy Pages from Garth Kemerling
This site on Western philosophical tradition includes the following: Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names, History of Western Philosophy, Philosophers, Logic, Study Guide, and other useful sites.

• Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Contains hundreds of articles on philosophy, extensive bibliographies,  & links to relevant websites.

• Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Philosophy Page
This is a sub-page of the Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research web site.  It includes several links to philosophy-related resources.

Online Communities:

Discussion group on philosophical topics.
To subscribe, address an e-mail message to:  listserv@liverpool.ac.uk
In the message body:  subscribe philos-l Your First and Last Name
Archives can be viewed at http://listserv.liv.ac.uk/archives/philos-l.html  


• American Philosophical Association
The American Philosophical Association is the main professional organization for philosophers in the United States. Founded in 1900, its mission is to promote the exchange of ideas among philosophers, to encourage creative and scholarly activity in philosophy, to facilitate the professional work and teaching of philosophers, and to represent philosophy as a discipline.
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware  19716
Tel: 302/831-1112

• Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children
Box 353350
Department of Philosophy
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-3350
Phone: (206) 221-6297
Email: info@philosophyforchildren.org