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Internet Sites:

• Dance Curriculum
This middle grades curriculum from Saskatchewan Education provides foundational objectives, guidelines, and an overview of three units.

• Artslynx International Dance Resources
An extensive directory for resources in the performance, history, and scholarship of dance. Provides annotated links on dance related organizations, academies, schools, and companies; research and scholarship; publications and magazines; international competitions; dance-affiliated art; physical theater and performance art; ethnic and international dance resources; electronic mailing lists and Usenet groups; and much more.

• Yahoo! Performing Arts: Dance
A collection of Internet resources on dance.

• Sapphire Swan Dance Directory
A guide to dance resources available on the web organized by style.

• ERIC Digest – Status of Dance in Education (1992)

Online Communities:

• National Dance Association
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• National Dance Association
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Reston, VA 20191-1598
Phone: 1-800-213-7193 ext. 464
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