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Internet Sites:

• Teaching Students With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects: A Resource Guide for Teachers (1996)
Prepared by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, this guide includes information on the characteristics of students with FAS/E, developing an IEP, and suggestions for teaching.

• The Family Village Library – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
A collection of resources on FAS.

• Internet Resources for Special Children – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Discussion Groups:

• FASLink
FASlink is a free Internet maillist for individuals, families and professionals who deal with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
To subscribe, address an e-mail message in the following manner:
To: majordomo@listserv.rivernet.net
In the body type: subscribe faslink
Archives: http://www.acbr.com/fas/faslink.htm


• National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
418 ‘C’ Street North East
Washington, DC 20002
Tel: (202) 785-4585
Fax: (202) 466-6456
Email: nofas@erols.com