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Internet Sites:

• American Museum of Natural History
Online exhibits include; North American Mammals, Living Fossils of the Deep, Royal Gifts from Thailand and many other cultural exhibits.

• Exploratorium
This website provides teachers and students extensive resources to explore on a wide variety of science and human interest topics.

• Field Museum of Natural History
The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago offers several interactive online tours on a wide variety of topics including; dinosaurs, insects, women in science and more!

• Franklin Institute Science Museum
The Franklin Institute offers several online exhibits on topics such as weather, earthquakes and the human heart.

• Museum of Science and Industry
The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry offers a variety of online exhibits on such topics and trains, coal mines, farms and fairy castles.

• Museum of Science, Boston
Click on the Exhibits link to access several online resources.

• National Air and Space Museum
Explore the National Air and Space Museum online by visiting their Web Only exhibits.

• The Tech Museum
“Inspiring the innovator in everyone.”