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Internet Sites:

• Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions
Contains summaries of court decisions relating to the Internet. Also includes links to more detailed summaries with analyses, quotes, and the full text.

• Cyberspace Law Institute
The Cyberspace Law Institute studies, and helps to develop, the new forms of law and law-making required by the growth of global communications networks and online communities. Site contains many policy papers on cyberlaw.

• Center For Democracy and Technology
CDT is a non-profit public interest organization based in Washington, DC. CDT works for public policies that advance civil liberties and democratic values  in new computer and communications technologies.

• The UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy
An entirely online institute for information and discussion of issues relevant to the dynamic nature of cyberspace and the way that nature effects its law and policy.

• Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
(JOLT) provides an excellent insight into the legal implications of emerging technologies. JOLT seeks to provide ground breaking articles from various perspectives and in diverse fields of study.

• Journal of Online Law
An electronic publication of scholarly essays about law and online communications-law and cyberspace.