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Internet Sites:

• StateScape
An online resource for state government relations professionals. Tracks issues and initiatives state by state.

• State and Local Government on the Net
Links to state, county, city homepages. Also national organizations/federal resources which support state & local government, and Native American links.

• Yahoo! State Government

• USA Counties 1998
Part of the Government Information Sharing Project at Oregon State University. Compiles useful demographic, economic, and governmental information spanning several years and sources for county comparisons and profiles.

• The State of the Nation’s Cities: A Comprehensive Database on American Cities and Suburbs
Contains information on over 3,000 variables for 77 American cities and suburbs from Birmingham, Alabama to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Variables discussed include:  employment and economic development, demographic measures, housing and land use, income and poverty, fiscal conditions, and a host of other health, social, and environmental indicators.