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Internet Sites:

• Ask A+ Locator
The AskA+ Locator is a database of high-quality “AskA” services designed to link students, teachers, parents and other K-12 community members with experts on the Internet. Profiles of each AskA service include identification information (e.g., publisher, e-mail address, contact person, links to services’ home pages), scope, target audience, and a general description of the service. Searchable by subject, keyword,  grade level, or alphabetical list.

• Internet Public Library Ask-A-Question Service
Send general reference question to the Internet Public Library.  IPL’s website also contains an extensive online collection of library resources.

• Pitsco’s List of Ask-an-Expert Services
Exhaustive list of services.

• All Experts
Free question-and-answer service staffed by more than 4,000 volunteers who are experts in their category.

• Ask an Expert — Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST)
“Our local expert can help answer accountability or testing questions you may have or guide you to the right person.”
E-mail questions to: expert@cse.ucla.edu

• The MAD Scientist Network
The network provides a forum in which people can learn more about the world around them. The site has three primary divisions…
1.Ask-A-Scientist: Includes the online archive of questions and answers, and “Ask-A-Scientist”Section.
2.MAD Labs: More about having fun with science.
3.MadSci Library: Locate science sites and resources on the WWW. Includes links to other Ask-A-Scientist sites, and information about careers in science.

• Ask Dr. Math
“Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for math students and their teachers.” Includes an archive of past questions.

• Ask A Geologist
The US Geological Survey,the principal source of scientific and technical expertise in the earth sciences within the Federal Government, offers an Internet email service — Ask-A-Geologist. General questions on earth sciences may be sent by electronic mail to the Internet address:
Ask-A-Geologist@usgs.gov Please include an Internet-accessible return address in the body of your message.