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Internet Sites:

• Concept to Classroom: Tapping into Multiple Intelligences
Includes a Mutiple Intelligences Self-Inventory, an animated explanation of the concept of multiple intelligences, a transcript of a chat with Howard Gardner, and more.

• The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Useful overview of Gardner’s multiple intelligences from Andy Carvin’s EdWeb.

• Multiple Intelligences Theory
Provides a short definition and discussion of MI and how it impacts learning.

• Multiple Intelligences
From New Horizons for Learning, a collection of resources related to Multiple Intelligence theory, including articles, links, and recommended reading lists.

• Howard Gardner Topics Menu
Resources from Penn State University College of Education. Includes a link to video clips of Howard Gardner discussing education reform.

• Writing and Multiple Intelligences
A working paper by Gerald Grow, Ph.D. on applying the theory to writing instruction.

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