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Internet Sites:

• The Hidden World of Bullying
From Principal Leadership magazine: “Adults often don’t see bullying or dismiss it as a rite of passage. But bullying affects students’ studies and has long-term effects–including how victims and bullies relate to children as adults.”

• Bullies to Buddies
Created by school psychologist Izzy Kalman, Bullies2Buddies.com is dedicated to ending the suffering of victims of teasing and bullying by empowering victims to solve their problem and turn their bullies into buddies.

• Schoolwide Prevention of Bullying (December 2001)
“This booklet provides an overview of what is currently known about bullying behavior and successful efforts to address it. The Northwest Sampler section at the end of the booklet profiles a number of anti-bullying programs and offers resources for further research and program development.”

• Prevalence of Students Being Bullied at School
These statistics are part of the National Center for Education Statistics’ Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2001.

• Stop Bullying: Advice for Caregivers
This advice is provided by the New Zealand organization NoBully and includes a link to guidelines for schools.

• Maine Project Against Bullying
This project addresses the issue of bullying/harrassment among children in grades K-4 and provides links to other relevant resources.

• Bullying at School – Information
Links and resources from The Scottish Council for Research in Education.

• Bullying Resources from Dr. Ken Rigby
“The purpose of these pages is to provide information that will help people to understand more about bullying in schools and how it can be stopped.”

• APA News Release: Bullying is Not Limited to Unpopular Loners

• Of Interest: Children Look for Help Dealing with Bullies (March 1998)
This article from the Christian Science Monitor includes suggestion for parents.

• Developing Social Competence in Children
By: Wendy Schwartz, Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College
Choices in Preventing Youth Violence Briefs, Number 3, 1999.
Institutes for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.

• ERIC Parent Brochure: What Should Parents and Teachers Know About Bullying?
This brochure characterizes bullies and their victims, offers advice on how schools and parents can prevent bullying and intervene when it becomes a problem, and suggests sources for further information.

• ERIC Digest: Bullying in Schools (1997)

• ERIC Digest: Easing the Teasing: How Parents Can Help Their Children (1999)