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Internet Sites:

• Issues Page: Gender Equity
This site from Education Week provides an overview of gender equity and provides links to past articles and related web resources.

• Expect The Best From A Girl.  That’s What You’ll Get.
Supports a national campaign for educational equity for girls in their early teens; includes links to programs, career resources and more.

• Gender Equity in Higher Education: Are Male Students at a Disadvantage
This report “concludes that, while women continue to lag behind men in math and science, they are more likely than their male peers to hold high educational aspirations, to enroll in college, and attain a college degree.” Published by the American Council on Education and available as a pdf document.

• The War Against Boys (May 2000)
by Christina Hoff Sommers
This article from Atlantic Monthly examines reverse discrimination in schools and society.

• Research: Boys to Men
This Education Week article reviews the argument that the school environment is not boy-friendly. Includes links to related EW articles and online resources.

• Women’s Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Equity Resource Center
Works to improve educational, social, and economic outcomes for women and girls.

• Balancing the Equation: Where Are Women & Girls in Science, Engineering & Technology?
“Balancing the Equation reviews hundreds of programs that successfully increase the classroom, laboratory and workplace participation of girls, women and minorities in the sciences.” Published by the National Council for Research on Women.

• Gender Equity in Sports
Is designed to serve as a resource for any individual investigating the state of affairs in interscholastic or intercollegiate sport.

• Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc.
Focuses on increasing gender and race equity in coeducational math, science and technology classes.

• Rural and Urban Images:  Voices of Girls in Science, Mathematics, and Technology
Voices is a three-year project to help girls do well and feel confident in science, math, and technology.

• Weaving Gender Equity into Math Reform
Includes information on the project and its partners, links to other organizations concerned about equity in education, articles on equity in education, an annotated list of research articles, books, and electronic resources, and a list of equity workshops around the country.

• ERIC Digest – Teacher Education and Gender Equity (1997)

• ERIC Digest – Gender Issues in Supervision (1994)

• ERIC Digest – Realizing Gender Equality in Higher Education: The Need To Integrate Work/Family Issues (1991)


• National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education
P.O. Box 534
Annandale, NJ 08801-0534, USA
Phone: (908) 735-5045
Fax: (908) 735-9674

• Myra Sadker Advocates for Gender Equity
Suite 300
1401 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (301) 738-7113
Fax: (301) 424-0474
Email: dsadker@aol.com