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Internet Sites:

• “High-Stakes”: Public Impact’s National Study of Charter School Accountability
“This website presents results and information from a two-year national charter school accountability study conducted by researchers from Public Impact with funding from the Smith Richardson Foundation.”

• Charter Schools and Race: A Lost Opportunity for Integrated Education
This report looks at only one aspect of the charter school story—whether or not these schools offer a less segregated experience than the public schools to the increasing numbers of students they serve.

• Charter Schools and Inequality: National Disparities in Funding, Teacher Quality, and Student Support (April 2003)
Based on national data, Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) presents this report on charter school inequities. Major findings are discussed within the following three areas: disparities linked to charter school type; disparities linked to the ethnic make-up of schools; and gaps between charter and regular public schools.

• Do Charter Schools Measure Up? The Charter School Experiment After 10 Years (July 2002)
The American Federation of Teachers Charter School Study examines the effectiveness of charter schools as an educational reform effort. Report available in .pdf format.

• Rhetoric Versus Reality: What We Know and What We Need to Know About Vouchers and Charter Schools (2001)
“This book seeks to identify and articulate the full range of empirical questions that must be answered to fully assess the wisdom of policies that promote either voucher or charter policies for our nation’s public education system.” Full text chapters available in pdf.

• Challenge and Opportunity: The Impact of Charter Schools on School Districts (June 2001)
“This report is an exploratory effort to gain a deeper understanding of how some charter schools have affected the public school districts surrounding them.” Published by the U.S. Department of Education. Available as a PDF or Word document.

• The State of Charter Schools 2000: Fourth-Year Report (January 2000)
“This Fourth-Year Report of the National Study of Charter Schools provides descriptive information on charter schools that were operating in the 1998-99 school year. Additional reports of the National Study address broad policy issues concerning the charter school movement and its potential effects on America’s system of public education.”

• U.S. Charter Schools
Includes information on: starting and running your school, school information exchange, resource directory and links, and searching other charter school sites. Also provides a good overview of the concept of charter schools.

• Issues Page: Charter Schools
This site from Education Week provides an overview of the charter school movement and provides links to past articles and related web resources.

• About Charter Schools
A collection of resources on the charter school movement from the Center for Education Reform. Includes legislation information, news and analysis, and links to related publications.

• Does Charter School Competition Improve Traditional Public Schools? (June 2000)
Four political science researchers at SUNY Stony Brook studied Springfield and Worcester, Massachusetts, Jersey City and Trenton, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia (D.C.), to appraise how charter schools are affecting the traditional public school system.

• Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities: Review of Existing Data (1998)
This publication summarizes existing research data and policy-relevant analyses that have focused on charter schools and students with disabilities. It also includes an annotated bibliography.

• New Leader’s For Tomorrow’s Schools (Fall 1997)
This issue, “Charter Schools: The Challenge to Public Education”, focuses on the charter school movement and its strengths and weaknesses.

• ERIC Parent Brochure – What are Charter Schools?
This brochure provides an overview of the charter school movement and directs you to additional sources for more information.

• ERIC Digest – Charter Schools (1998)

• ERIC Digest – Charter Schools: An Approach for Rural Education? (1999)

• ERIC Digest – How Well Are Charter Schools Serving Urban and Minority Students? (1996)