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Corporal Punishment

Discipline Policy

Internet Sites:

• Setting the Stage for High Standards – Elements of Effective School Discipline
“This publication identifies six essential elements of effective school discipline: effective classroom management, clear districtwide discipline codes, consistent enforcement of the codes, programs to modify low-level student misbehavior, alternative placements for disruptive students, and support for families and communities working to develop character in children.” From the American Federation of Teachers.

• Opportunities Suspended: The Devastating Consequences of Zero Tolerance and School Discipline Policies (June 2000)
“This is the first comprehensive national report to scrutinize the impact that the brutally strict Zero Tolerance approach to discipline, currently being used in public schools, is having on American children. The report illustrates that Zero Tolerance is unfair, is contrary to the developmental needs of children, denies children educational opportunities, and often results in the criminalization of children.” By the Advancement Project and The Civil Rights Project.

• Positive Discipline
This site contains resources for parents, child care providers and teachers interested in positive discipline techniques.

• Positive Discipline
Guidelines from the National Network for Child Care

• Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline
From NWREL’s School Improvement Research Series

• Developing Social Competence in Children
By: Wendy Schwartz, Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College
Choices in Preventing Youth Violence Briefs, Number 3, 1999.
Institutes for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.

• Behavior Management
Resources from a paraeducator self-study course

• The Behavior Home Page
A collaboration between the Kentucky Department of Education and the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Kentucky. Provides information for parents and teachers on effective practices for managing “the full range of behavior problems and challenges displayed by children and youth … that may affect their success in school.”

• ERIC Digest: Positive Discipline (1990)

 • ERIC Digest: School Discipline (1992)

• ERIC Digest: School-Wide Behavioral Management Systems (1998)