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Internet Sites:

• Dispelling the Myth…Over Time
Using the powerful and far-reaching database that fuels Dispelling the Myth Online, the Education Trust continues to identify and explore schools that, in various ways, dispel the destructive myth that race and poverty are insurmountable barriers to high achievement.
http://www2.edtrust.org/NR/rdonlyres/B72AC5E2-4191-45C9-9CED-EB431D6A8B5E/ 0/DTMovertime.pdf

• Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs — U.S. Department of Education
Student Achievement and School Accountability (SASA) Office supports systemic efforts to improve academic achievement in schools that serve low-income communities. This is accomplished primarily through the administration of programs under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

• Education for Disadvantaged Children
This Department of Education site contains evaluation reports on various education programs for disadvantaged children.

• Add It Up: Using Research to Improve Education for Low-Income and Minority Students
“This guide explains how low-performing schools can become high-achieving ones.” A report from the Poverty & Race Research Action Council available as pdf document.

• Title I in Midstream: The Fight to Improve Schools for Poor Kids
This report, from the Citizens’ Commission on Civil Rights, assesses “the extent to which the policies and enforcement practices of the U.S. Department of Education have fulfilled – or in some cases, thwarted – the promise of the new law with respect to our poorest children.

• No Excuses: Lessons from 21 High-Performing, High-Poverty Schools
“The schools profiled in this book hold all students, of all races and income levels, to high standards and expectations–and then make sure that all children succeed.” Available as a pdf document.

• Dispelling the Myth: High Poverty Schools Exceeding Expectations
This report from the Education Trust highlights the findings of a survey of 1,200 high poverty schools states have identified as top scoring and/or most improving. Available as a pdf document.

• Dispelling the Myth Revisited: Preliminary Findings from a Nationwide Analysis of “High Flying” Schools
“This report provides a preliminary glimpse of where such “high flying” schools are and what they look like.” Available as a pdf document.

• Education for All Forum
EFA is a coalition of agencies whose goal is to expand and improve the provision of basic education worldwide in order to meet the basic learning needs of all children, youth and adults.

• ERIC Digest: Enriching the Compensatory Education Curriculum for Disadvantaged Students


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