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Internet Sites:

• Do Students Have Too Much Homework?
“Schools piling it on. Kids exhausted. Parents fighting back. Families being eaten. Is this the truth about homework? Let’s examine data addressing two questions. How much homework do today’s students have? Has the amount changed appreciably over time?”

• Homework Strategies from Education World
How to keep track of homework, what weight to give it, and what to do if students don’t do it are issues most teachers face. Teachers can learn from their colleagues about strategies for effectively handling homework.

• End Homework Now (April 2001)
This article from Educational Leadership argues that educators should stop squeezing time out of family life for the questionable benefits of homework.

• Helping Your Students With Homework: A Guide for Teachers (1998)
A 40-page booklet filled with ideas from teachers for helping make homework effective, organized around 18 tips for getting homework done.  From the U.S. Department of Education.

• Changing Homework Habits: Rethinking Attitudes (March 1998)
This article from Forum includes eight suggestions to help teachers enhance student interest in homework.

• Students Rule With ‘Design Your Own Homework’
This article from Education World profiles one teacher’s attempts to increase student motivation by letting them design their own homework assignments.

• Does Your Homework Measure Up?
Tips to help teachers develop effective homework policies.

• Helping your Child With Homework (1995)
Tips for parents on homework help.

• Homework Survival Guide for Parents
Published by the National Association of School Psychologists.

• SmarterKids.Com – Homework Center
This site provides homework information for parents. Topics include right amount of homework, resolving homework problems, monitoring homework, and a checklist for parents helping their children. Also includes a list of homework help sites.

• ERIC Digest – Developing Homework Policies (1984)

• ERIC Digest – Helping Students with Homework in Science and Math (1999)

• ERIC Parent Brochure – How Important is Homework?
This brochure includes information on how much time a child should spend on homework, why it’s important, how parents can get involved, and school homework policies.