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Internet Sites:

• Children’s Social Behavior in Relation to Participation in Mixed-Age or Same-Age Classrooms
An article by Diane E. McClellan and Susan J. Kinsey, published in the journal Early Childhood Research and Practice.

• Multiage Grouping: Lifeline to Children At-Risk?
A brief article by Diane McClellan, reviewing research related to multiage grouping and at-risk students.

• Enhancing Learning Through Multiage Grouping
Discusses multiage grouping as an alternative to the conventional graded classroom. This information is provided by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.

• Nongraded Primary Education
From the School Improvement Research Series.

• Multiage-Education.com: Multiage Links
A collection of online resources for teachers of multiage classrooms.

• ERIC Digest – Multiage Grouping and Academic Achievement (2001)

• ERIC Digest – Building Support for Multiage Education (1997)

Online Communities:

• Multiage Classroom Chatboard
“This forum is dedicated to discussions of educational environments featuring a multiage classroom.”