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• How Class Size Makes a Difference
Though researchers continue to debate the issue of class size, wide agreement exists that the critical question is not whether class size can make a difference in student achievement, but how and under what circumstances it does. This report from SERVE is available in .pdf format.

• Department of Education – Class Size Reduction Program
The Class-Size Reduction Program is an initiative to help schools improve student learning by hiring additional, highly qualified teachers so that children, especially those in the early elementary grades, can attend smaller classes.

• Reducing Class Size: What Do We Know?
This publication from the U.S. Department of Education discusses research on class size and why smaller classes make a difference.

• Hot Topics: Class Size Reduction
New federal proposals have fueled national interest in class-size reduction (CSR). However, CSR raises numerous concerns, some of which are addressed in this policy brief. The text draws on the experiences of states and districts that have implemented CSR. (ERIC Abstract)

• Issues Page: Class Size
Education Week’s summary of class size reduction efforts.

The Tennessee Study of Class Size in the Early School Grades
This paper describes the Tennessee class size project, which was carried out to try to understand the benefits of reducing class size. The project (Project STAR) is a longitudinal study of younger elementary students. This paper provides excellent research into issues of class size.

• CSR Research Consortium
The CSR Research Consortium is composed of major California research organizations working in partnership on a four-year, comprehensive study to evaluate the implementation and impact of California’s class size reduction initiative under a contract with the California Department of Education. The evaluation is legislatively mandated and based on a research plan adopted by the State Board of Education.

• Educational Issues Series – Class Size
This paper from the Wisconsin Education Association Council examines significant research on class size reduction.

• ERIC Digest: Capitalizing on Small Class Size (2000)