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Internet Sites:

• Building Bridges to College and Careers: Contextualized Basic Skills Programs at Community Colleges
In this study we identify and draw lessons from several community colleges and community college programs that have rethought their developmental and/or adult education offerings and are actively creating bridges to college and careers for disadvantaged students.

• The Center for Community College Policy
“The Center for Community College Policy, based at the Education Commission of the States in Denver, Colorado, has been created to support the development of public policy that encourages the development of effective and innovative community colleges across the United States.”

• Community College Finder
Includes a clickable map and alphabetical listing of American Association of Community Colleges member community colleges within each state.

• Community College Web
Searchable index of community college web sites in the U.S.,Canada, and other countries. Users can search by keyword; by country, state, or province; or alphabetically by the first letter of the name of each college.

• Canadian Community Colleges
List of Canadian community colleges that are not affiliated with a university.

• U.S. Community Colleges by State
An alphabetical list of community colleges by state.

Online Communities:

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• American Association of Community Colleges
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• League for Innovation in the Community College
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Voice: (480) 705-8200
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• National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges
AACC One Dupont Circle, NW
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Phone: (202)728-0200
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