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Internet Sites:

• Montessori: The International Montessori Index
Contains information for parents and teachers, practical suggestions for using Montessori philosophy in homes and classrooms, links to Montessori schools, conference lectures, teacher training courses, organizations, educational materials, and other valuable sites.

• Montessori Connection
This site offers an overview of Montessori education. There is a link to the main directory at the bottom of the page, which includes other useful information for parents and teachers.

• Montessori Online
This online resource center of The Montessori Foundation & The International Montessori Council provides basic information for parents, a brief biography of Maria Montessori, and a library of related articles and resources.

• ERIC Digest – Montessori Programs in Public Schools


• North American Montessori Teacher’s Association
13693 Butternut Road
Burton, OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-4011
Fax: (440) 834-4016
Email: staff@montessori-namta.org

• American Montessori Society
281 Park Avenue South, 6th floor
New York, NY 10010-6102
Phone: (212) 358-1250
Fax: (212) 358-1256

• International Montessori Society
912 Thayer Ave. #207
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: (301) 589-1127
Email: havis@erols.com