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Preparation of an Application Letter and Resume Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #:AELP-CAE000
Author – School or Affiliation:
Krysti Conlin – Whitley County High School, Williamsburg, Kentucky
Tammy Matney – Whitley County High School, Williamsburg, Kentucky
Mark Taylor – Cumberland College, Williamsburg, Kentucky
Jesse Wilder – Cumberland College, Williamsburg, Kentucky Endorsed By: K. Dei Ofori-Attah, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Cumberland College, Williamsburg, Kentucky

Date: October 7, 1996

Grade Level(s): 10, 11, 12


  • Vocational Education/Careers

Overview: In today’s job market you are in serious competition. For every position that is available in any chosen field, there are numerous job candidates that are equally qualified. This means that you are going to have to sell yourself in a big way in a matter of just seconds. How, you may ask? On your application letter and resume, that’s how! Now is the time to get started preparing your application letter and resume. Be sure it is both accurate and appealing to the eye. It is the first impression that a prospective employer will have of you. Therefore, it must be perfect!

Purpose: To be able to write and format an application letter and resume in preparation for a successful job search.


  • The students will be able to describe what should be included in an application letter and resume.
  • The students will complete the Resume Worksheet
  • The students will organize and format their application letter and resume.
  • Materials:

    • The Job Hunting Handbook, Fourth Edition Published by Dahlstrom and Company, Inc. Copyright 1993
    • Resume Worksheet
      Resume Worksheet in .pdf format; requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

      Click the icon to obtain the free Reader.
    • Any Other Sources of Career Exploration Information


    Students will be introduced to the job market. Students will explore and discuss occupations that are available and current trends in our job market.

    After the career exploration exercise is completed, students will then decide on a career that they are interested in. Each student will then complete the resume worksheet utilizing their personal information and applying it to their chosen career.

    When the worksheet is completed, students should then review several different formats for application letters and resumes. After deciding which one is appropriate for them, they should then write and format their application letter and resume. Be sure students proofread! There should be absolutely no mistakes!

    When the application letters and resumes are completed, the students should turn them in. At this point you would want to review them and make suggestions and corrections as needed. You should have the students make necessary corrections until they have an accurate and grammatically correct application letter and resume.

    Tying It All Together:

    At this point you would want to emphasize for a final time the necessity of having an application letter and resume that is not only accurate and correct, but that is also pleasing to the eye. This would also provide you with the opportunity to expand on the career exploration topic and begin discussing the interviewing process.