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Lesson Plan #:AELP-SPA0022
Author: Jane Whaling, St. Michael, AK Date: 1994

Grade Level(s): 3, 4, 5


  • Science/Space Sciences

Overview: This lesson is designed for review of the solar system. It is fun for students and involves cooperative learning. The children should have a good working knowledge of the information being reviewed.


The students will:

  • Strengthen their knowledge of the solar system.
  • Practice working cooperatively in groups.
  • Resources/Materials:

  • solar system notes and handouts
  • paper and pencils
  • nerf ball
  • clock with a second hand
  • Activities and Procedures: Divide the class into two groups. Have each group designate a spokesperson for their group. Give the groups ten to 15 minutes to make up five to ten questions about the solar system, using their notes. They must know the correct answers to the questions. When the groups are ready with their questions you may begin the game.

    Determine which group goes first by flipping a coin. The teams will take turns asking each other their questions. A team gets 30 seconds to find the correct answer to the question in their notes and hand-outs. The answer must be given by the spokesperson. If the group gets the question correct they receive one point. They also get a chance to earn an extra point by making a basket with the nerf ball. Have the group pick a person to shoot the nerf ball into the trash can. Continue taking turns until all the questions have been asked. The winning group has the most points.

    Tying it all Together:

    Evaluate the students on their performance in the group. They should work cooperatively.