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How To Create A Rain Stick Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #: AELP-SCI003
Submitted by: Mandi McDonald
Endorsed by: Don Descy, Mankato State University Date: November 7,1997

Grade Level(s): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


  • Science

Description: The students will be able to construct their own rain stick. Goal: The students will be able to appreciate the sounds of the rain forest and the rain stick.


 1. The students will be able to see the connection between the sounds of the rain forest and the rain stick.

 2. The students will be able to use the resources they have to make their own rain stick and the sound of rain.

Background Information:

Rain sticks in the rain forest are made from dried caches plants and small pebbles or seeds, making a soothing rain sound.  Today, they are widely used as a percussion instrument and represent a back to nature feeling.

Concepts Covered:

 1. The sound of the rain forest.
 2. The symbolic nature and use of the rain stick.

Materials Needed:

 1 cardboard tube
 30 stickpins
 cellophane tape
 1 cup of rice
 decorative paper


 1. Stick all 30 pins through the cardboard tube, in 5 rows with 6 pins in each row.

 2. Put a strip of tape around each row to hold pins in place.

 3. Tape one end of the tube shut.

 4. Pour in the cup of rice.

 5. Tape the other end of the tube shut.

 6. Cover the tube with wrapping paper, gluing or taping it shut at the edge. (Plain paper can be used also for the students to decorate it as they want.)

 7. Enjoy!!  Turn stick over slowly and listen to the rain!


 1. Have students explain the significance of the rain stick.

 2. Have the students teach to a younger grade about the rain stick and the rain forest.