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Lesson Plan #:AELP-ANM004
Author: Karen Creekmore, McCreary County Preschool, Pine Knot, KY 42635
Endorsed by: Dr. Kwabena D. Ofori-Attah, Cumberland College, Williamsburg, Kentucky Date: 1994

Grade Level(s): Kindergarten, 1, 2


  • Science/Animals
  • Science/Oceanography

OVERVIEW: The students will gain knowledge in the area of ocean life. PURPOSE: The students will be able to identify pictures of animals verbally. The students will be able to match animal pictures.

OBJECTIVES: The students will:

(1) identify three animals that live in the ocean
(2) match sets of animal pictures
(3) complete an ocean animal floor puzzle with other students
(4) learn songs relating to ocean animals
(5) compare different animals to ocean animals
(6) in blocks, build an ocean with blocks and animals
(7) in sand and water, the students will manipulate ocean animals
(8) on computer match animals
(9) draw an ocean picture

RESOURCES/MATERIALS NEEDED: Resource books, animal pictures, animal cards, toy animals, stuffed animals, markers, paper, video of ocean animals, songs about ocean animals.


(1) Show pictures of animals from different habitats.
(2) Discuss where they live.
(3) Read a story about the ocean.
(4) Students may bring a stuffed ocean animal for show and tell.
(5) Practice songs during circle time.
(6) Practice songs in the music center.
(7) Match animal pictures in manipulative.
(8) Discuss where different animals live.
(9) In art, draw a picture of an ocean animal.
(10) In library, look at books and ‘read’.
(11) At puppet stage, perform a skit.
(12) In science center, have different ocean items (coral and plastic animals)
(13) In small groups complete an ocean floor puzzle.
(14) During outside time, pretend to be an ocean animals.


(1) Complete a mural with animals made in art to hang in outside hall.
(2) Perform songs for parents at parent night..
(3) Watch movie of ocean animals.
(4) Individually have students name three ocean animals from pictures.