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Lesson Plan #:AELP-ANM000
Submitted by: Shirley Gaug, Anthony Elementary, Anthony, Kansas
Endorsed by: These lesson plans are the result of the work of the teachers who have attended the Columbia Education Center’s Summer Workshop. CEC is a consortium of teacher from 14 western states dedicated to improving the quality of education in the rural, western, United States, and particularly the quality of math and science Education. CEC uses Big Sky Telegraph as the hub of their telecommunications network that allows the participating teachers to stay in contact with their trainers and peers that they have met at the Workshops.
Date: May 1994

Grade Level(s): 5


  • Science/Animals

OVERVIEW: In the study of the classification of animals, students may become confused over the characteristics of each animal group. This game can be used to help students study animal characteristics.

PURPOSE: This game is designed to reinforce animal classification by using a round game where all students participate.


Students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of the most common animal groups.
2. Identify animals within a specific animal group.
3. Distinguish between the six most common groups of animals.


Several sets of cards containing these clues may be made up or blanks may be left on laminated cards so that the names of the animals may be changed using ‘Vis-a-Vis’ pens and therefore allowing for variety.


1. Cut clues into 20 strips and laminate with blank spaces where animal names or types would be if a variety of answers is to be used during the use of this game.
2. Fill in answers if strips are blank.
3. Give each student a strip. All students must have at least one strip and some may have more than one.
4. Assign a student to begin by reading his/her clue.
5. Continue around the class until the first student gives his/her clue again.
6. This game may be repeated by moving each strip to the next person and having the last person give to the first. Students may want to beat their time on this game.

Animal Clue Strips: I have an animal with six legs, who has one with eight legs? I have a (spider, tarantula), who has an animal with an exoskeleton and lives in the ocean? I have an (echinoderm, starfish), who has an animal with gills? I have a (fish, trout, bluegill), who has an animal with stereoscopic vision? I have a (human, gorilla, chimpanzee, lemur), who has an animal with feathers? I have a (bird, peacock), who has an animal with webbed feet? I have a duck-billed platypus, who has another water dwelling mammal? I have a (dolphin, whale, porpoise), who has a marsupial? I have an (opossum, kangaroo), who has a feline? I have a (tiger, lion), who has an animal (that goes through complete metamorphosis, with wings and scales)? I have a (moth, butterfly), who has a cold blooded animal that lives the first part of its’ life in water? I have a frog, who has the two types of animals that are warm-blooded? I have birds and mammals, who have animals that lay leathery eggs? I have (reptiles, lizards, snakes), who has the type of animals that would have a queen? I have (insects, bees, termites), what type of animal can live in any climate? I have (humans, mammals) what type of animal communicates by dancing? I have (insects, bees), who has a type of animal that provides milk for its’ young? I have mammals, who has an animal that hibernates? I have a bear, who has an extinct animal? I have a dinosaur, who has an insect?