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How Are Seeds the Same and Different? Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #: AELP-AGR0013
Submitted by: Lisa Ventura
Email: RHTAI@postbox.CSI.CUNY.edu
School/University/Affiliation: college of Staten Island
Endorsed by: Dr. Tai, College of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY
Date: November 29, 1998

Grade Level(s): Kindergarten, 1


  • Science/Agriculture
  • Science/Botany

Duration: one or two 45-minute session


Students will examine seeds from different types of fruits and vegetables. The students will sort and classify the seeds according to different variables.


Students will eventually learn that a new plant grows from a seed.


Students will be able to differentiate seeds by color, shape, size, and texture.


A variety of fruits and vegetables, paper plates, fruit and vegetable pictures, experience chart


Motivation: Set up a tray with different fruits and vegetables (apples, cucumbers, oranges, pears, green peppers, and plums). Allow the students to manipulate the items on the tray.

  • Cut open 1 fruit and 1 vegetable. Ask: What is inside this fruit and this vegetable that is the same? (seeds)
  • Discuss with the class that a new plant will grow from a seed. Seeds are found in the frit of the plant.
  • Cut open the rest of the fruits and vegetables. Place each different fruit’s and vegetable’s seed on a paper plate labeled with a picture of that fruit or vegetable.
  • Ask the students to tell you about each seed’s color (e.g. white or brown). Record on experience chart.
  • Repeat for the size (big, small), the shape (flat, round), and the feel of the covering (smooth, rough). Record on experience chart.
  • Have each table of students work together to sort and classify the seeds the class has examined into the four groupings.
  • Additional Activities:

    Count the number of seeds for each fruit and vegetable that has been observed and make a bar graph. Also, plant some of the seeds that the class has examined. Homework: Have students bring in seeds from other different fruits and vegetables.


  • Ask: In what ways are seeds different?
  • Evaluate how the students sorted and classified the seeds into the four groupings.