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Lesson Plan #: AELP-WCP0056
Submitted by: Marc Zimmerman
Email: Mezim@aol.com
School/University/Affiliation: Bristol High Date: June 23, 1999

Grade Level(s): 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


  • Language Arts/Writing (composition)

Duration: 45 minutes Description: This lesson encourages students to consider a moral and a central theme in authoring a fable for elementary school students.

Goals: Students will gain a greater understanding of morals and central themes.

Objectives: Students will create a fable for children complete with illustrations.


  • Grimm’s fairy tales
  • construction paper
  • paper
  • pens/pencils
  • hole puncher
  • twine or string

Procedure: Teacher will read a fable and ask students what the purpose of it is.
Teacher will then explain morals as a concept and how it functions as a theme.
Students will choose a moral and begin to construct a personal fable with the moral as the focus.
Students will complete the story at home and have two weeks to submit a complete fable.
Advanced classes could go to an elementary school to share their fables and teach them to younger students.

Assessment: Fable Project

General Description

You will be expected to write your own fable that contains many of the elements we studied about theme, characterization, plot, and morals. You may want to look over Aesop’s fables for a better idea of how these are created. You will be graded on your writing, your moral, your artwork, and the overall appearance of your fable. Remember, you want to make this “readable”and interesting.


Grading is done on a 1 to 3 scale with a final grade indicated at the bottom.
Writing Grades
1. Presents a moral ____
2. Clearly written, logical event sequence ____
3. Proper grammar, mechanics, and spelling ____
Overall grade for section ____
Illustrations Grades
1. Relates to scenes in the story ____
2. Creative use of colors or scenes ____
3. Effort reflects time allotted ____
Overall grade for section ____
Editing Grades
1. Final product neat and presentable ____
2. Writing and illustrations clearly connected ____
3. Choice of background, organization of writing 
and pictures clearly structured ____
Overall grade for section ____
Final grade: ______ 

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