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Lesson Plan #: AELP-WCP0055
Submitted by: J. Cummings
Email: ETLC@webmail.bellsouth.net
School/University/Affiliation: Escambia High Date: March 25, 1999

Grade Level(s): 10, 11, 12


  • Language Arts/Writing (composition)

Duration: homework or 30 minutes in class Description: 10 ideas for parts of speech

Goals: The purpose of this lesson is to help students realize the importance of adj., adv., prep., and verbs.

Objectives: Student will use cognitive reasoning to surmount a problem in language.

Materials: None specified.


Have students do any of the following:

1. Use a newspaper article to find adjectives.
2. Write a description of your room and underline adjectives.
3. Write a paragraph on how to do something without using any helping verbs.
4. Write a paragraph withaout using any action verbs.
5. Make a list of 10 verbs and give each an adverb.
6. Make a list of 10 adverbs and give each a verb.
7. Make a list of 30 compound nouns.
8. Describe how to start a car without using prepositions.
9. Write a persuasive paragraph without conjunctions ( I use this as an extra credit execise so the student can do one or any of the exercises ).

Assessment: 10 points for each project completed