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Sequencing Lesson Plan (The Sequencing Monster) Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #:AELP-WCP003
Author: Traci Hebein Date: 1994

Grade Level(s): 3, 4, 5


  • Language Arts/Writing (composition)

Purpose: This lesson provides a visual experience in which students develop a better understanding of sequencing, while further developing their writing skills.


classroom, writing materials – pencil and paper, a teacher with a creative imagination to create a poster of a friendly looking monster, paper or cardboard monster looking feet (to look like footprints) and popcorn (optional).


The teacher would be responsible for setting the scene. She / He would place the monster footprints around the classroom as if a monster had been there and walked throughout the class. As the monster toured the classroom he mes sed things up. For example, he knocked some supplies off of the counter, then proceeded and tipped over a desk. He turned a picture upside down, scribbled on the chalkboard, stood the stuffed animals on their heads, mixed up the calendar numbers etc. The footprints would indicate the path the monster took.


The students would enter the classroom and observe that something was there. They would walk the path and observe the things the monster did. After discussing sequencing with the students, brainstorm a list of words that show or der (first, second, next, then, after that, finally). The students would be responsible for completing the following sample story starter. They would also be responsible for creating a title for their story.

Story Starter:

Something was in our classroom while we were at lunch today. First it…….

Follow up:

The teacher would show the poster of the monster so students could see the visitor. The poster could contain the following caption. I was hungry. Do you have any popcorn?

The students could then share their individual stories while enjoying a popcorn treat from their teacher.


The following grade sheet could be used when evaluating students’ writing. This can be modified to fit your expectations based on students abilities.

1. Does your story have a properly written title? ____/5

2. Are paragraphs indented? ____/10

3. Do all sentences begin with capital letters? ____/15

4. Do all sentences end with proper punctuation? ____/15

5. Do sentences make sense? ____/15
(ex: subject verb agreement, proper word usage etc.)

6. Does your story follow the proper sequence? ___/20

7. Did you use at least 5 order words? ___/20

Total: ____/100