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Lesson Plan #: AELP-VOC0010
Author: Laura Parrott
Endorsed by: Professor Regina Chatel, Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, CT 06117 Date: November 8, 1997

Grade Level(s): Preschool education


  • Language Arts/Vocabulary


Students will become familiar with and be able to name objects of which they know the function of but may not know the appropriate name.


You may want to center this activity around a theme or unit that you are currently studying.


  • a large box that has either been decorated by the teachers or students, (preferably students) with an opening at the top
  • a number of objects that you will use to fill the box
  • a large piece of paper

Procedure: Initiation: Place decorated box filled with the objects you decided to include in your lesson on the floor. Let each child take out one object and see if the child knows what it is and what it does. If the child cannot name the object, see if another child can help the one with the object describe it.

Go around the room and repeat the process with each child. Make sure that if the children cannot name the object, that you guide the class to work together to arrive at an answer.

Development of Lesson:

After each child has had a turn, take the large piece of paper, hold up one of the objects and ask the children to name it again. Write this name down on the paper. Ask the children to name some things they learned about the object. Write these things down next to the object’s name. Repeat this process for each object that is in the box or as many as you feel necessary.


Leave the box accessible to the children after the activity so they may explore the contents on their own. To make sure that the children retain the information presented, after each unit, review the contents of the box with the children and have them tell you about the objects again.